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Unicom call center operators answer 1100

a computer, a keyboard, a pair of headphones and a Unicom call center every day. These standard configurations are placed in the same way for every 1.5 square meters. In the nearly 200 square meter workshop, the adjacent cubicles are neatly arranged like Tetris. The telephone operators are uniformly dressed in white uniforms and sit at their desks for a day

the burden behind the sweet voice

Hello, what can I do for you? At this end, gaoliping, full of warmth, is waiting for the next customer's inquiry. Before the end of the conversation, the receiver heard the other party's unreasonable accusations and abuse: what exactly are you doing? The broadband that reported for repair in the morning is in the afternoon. Why the maintenance personnel haven't come yet? The voice is eight degrees higher than the usual tone, but gaoliping still patiently answered: Hello, we have conveyed your needs to the outside maintenance personnel. We will contact you later. What else can you do for help

Gao Liping meets a few difficult hosts every day. These are common things in our eyes. Some customers think our service is very considerate. When they are in a good mood, they will say where you work. I happened to pass by and brought some food to see you. Some of them are in a bad mood or dissatisfied with the service. They also open their mouths and scold. For the call center customer service representatives, happiness, grievance and anger are just moments. Emotions often come and go in a hurry. The moment you hang up is like closing a door. You should forget your anger at the moment. Otherwise, you will have trouble with yourself, and your emotions will also affect your relatives at home

10010 there is a big difference between Unicom call center and other units and departments. Even if you occasionally walk into a strange visitor, you won't get the attention of the office staff. For the telephone operators, the other end of the call center can affect their nerves more than what happens in front of them. Shuttling through the workshop, it is difficult to focus on a central point, but the beautiful timbre emitted by the resonance of more than 20 vocal cords will directly capture your hearing, and closing your eyes can get more information beyond vision

the average age is 25 years, and the salary is 1000 yuan

the dispatching center has a total of 24 seat operators. The mode of four shifts and two shifts is adopted. The day shift and night shift are connected alternately, and all personnel are on the night shift in turn. Over time, irregular work and rest will make some people flinch or even leave silently. The average monthly salary of 1000 yuan forms a great contrast with the daily traffic of 1100 per person. The low labor remuneration has become the most direct reason for employees' resignation

the younger the operator, the more difficult it is to stay. Liuqunfeng, the manager of the call center, understood and regretted the increasing frequency of this team. The basic salary of 750 yuan really can't be a reason to persuade employees to stay. Some employees change careers after only working in the call center for a year and a half. The newly recruited recruits even leave after the probation period, which is also a great effort and emotional investment for us. Liu Qun 1. Feng, who was preparing for the experiment of gear wear tester, said with emotion

young telephone operators are rushing to jobs with higher pay or better working conditions. In order to alleviate the brain drain and work pressure, Unicom has also set up psychological counseling for telephone operators. Every year, the company will organize three collective activities, or organize staff to shout at the seaside to vent their emotions, or climb the mountain to look far to relieve their depression, but it still can not improve the average age of employees

special communication methods provide spiritual comfort outside the family

most laymen can't understand why there are still people willing to stay in such a difficult working environment, but there are still some people who stick to this thorny road. The tough environment cultivates the people with perseverance. The years of chattering not only leave the operators with the chronic disease of pharyngitis, but also endow them with an extraordinary faith and

Gao Liping still remembers the picture of being unfamiliar with the world 12 years ago. In 2002, a strange customer called her and threatened her. Liu (a pseudonym) was bored in life because of his physical disability, and his heart was empty. The results show that Unicom customer service is the first choice for those who have less to talk about in the process of internal coolant grinding. In 2002, it was still a luxury. Liu used his IC card to call the customer service representative. Unexpectedly, this dozen years was 12 years. In the past 12 years, almost all problems related to consulting telecom services and finding service vulnerabilities were recorded in the call records between Liu and Unicom customer service. Now, gaoliping has to answer Liu's question if others can't explain it. Liu and she not only know each other's names, but also sometimes pull up a family with her on a whim. 4. Experimental steps: come often

with 12 years of work experience, gaoliping has naturally become an iron nail in the customer service representative industry. As a monitor, she has become the oldest operator. Seeing that her colleagues have changed one after another, gaoliping has regrets and blessings, but instead of thinking about leaving, she has become more determined to be a good operator

after washing away all the lead, gaoliping, who is becoming more and more mature as an operator, has developed a set of exclusive response methods. I have a natural response in my heart when the bell rings. It does not mean that when the customer asks about the charge, we just tell him how much it is at his own expense. I even start to figure out the other party's ideas at the moment of picking up. It is best to guess more about what other problems the customer wants to ask and then solve them. Gaoliping said that the best service is to make customers trust themselves through tone and attitude

the biggest problem: unable to control their negative emotions into life

some young people talk to me when they are mentally unbalanced and say they are suffering from an occupational disease. My mother is particularly afraid of receiving my calls during the day, because the calls at this time are basically complaints. She doesn't talk and can't persuade me. I am the only one talking. I will tell her if you consider the problem from the perspective of customers, You will understand that as a customer service, you are the best help to customers, gaoliping said

this job will wake me up occasionally. We are not robots. Although we sometimes have mood fluctuations, we benefit more from life feelings. Recalling her youth and impetuosity, the 37 year old gaoliping has been able to separate her work from her life

when referring to her family, gaoliping revealed her only debt as a child and mother, Only when parents and sisters take care of her daughter can she be safe. As DPM's station says: "Our expert team can help you with your work during the design stage and the initial stage of product development. Now many operators are faced with a problem. When they are on duty, customers don't understand it. When they come home, you say you are tired, and their families can't understand it. Gaoliping says that compared with them, she is really happy to get enough support from her family.

for these young operators, the way of working is like a carrot and a pit Body is equal to persistence. A person can only experience a lifetime. Living with tears is a lifetime, and living with smiles is a lifetime. This is a sentence often used by liuqunfeng, manager of Unicom call center, to appease the team members. As the leader of the operator girls, liuqunfeng gave an example to illustrate their way of working. Their emotions were like finding a glass of water in the desert. In such a thirsty environment, what if you think of it? Only a cup of water may not support it; But if you think WOW! A glass of water makes a big difference

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