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Unicom iphone5 was launched or wp8 was crashed on December 5

China Unicom's iPhone 5 appointment letter

on November 23, according to an insider of China Unicom, China Unicom is planning to advance the official launch time of iPhone 5 to December 5, earlier than December 8 or 14 previously reported by the media

In August this year, the China Unicom negotiation team led by Ligang, senior vice president of China Unicom, went to the United States and arrived at the headquarters of apple in San Jose, California, on August 18. The two sides finally finalized the details of iPhone 5 sales in the domestic Unicom channel. Chinatelecom executives also went to the United States this month and reached a final agreement on the introduction of time points, contract subsidies, market publicity and other issues

Apple officially released the new generation iPhone 5 in September this year. Before that, when it was introduced into the Chinese Mainland market has been the focus of domestic media and users

in February this year, during the Mobile World Congress (MWC 2012) in Barcelona, luyimin, general manager of China Unicom, revealed in an exclusive interview with Sohu it that it is easy to operate. China Unicom has begun to negotiate with apple on the introduction of a new generation iPhone. I believe there is no suspense about the new agreement. This is also the first time that executives of domestic operators have expressed their position on the introduction of iPhone 5

in September this year, on the day of the release of the iPhone 5, Ligang, deputy general manager of China Unicom, who led a team to the United States for negotiations, said in an exclusive interview with Sohu it in Xi'an: if everything goes well, China Unicom will introduce the iPhone 5 into China within three months. In other words, China Unicom plans to officially launch the iPhone 5 contract machine before the middle of December

however, what Ligang said, if everything goes well, means that the iPhone 5 should get the relevant testing and licensing certification before it is officially launched in the domestic market. At present, the iPhone 5 has passed the national 3C (China computing certification) certification and the national radio testing license, but the key entry license of the Ministry of industry and information technology has not been released yet

Unicom was hit by telecom and planned to sell the iPhone 5 in advance. According to insiders of China Unicom, according to the previous plan, China Unicom will open the iPhone 5 contract machine reservation on November 25 and officially start selling on December 14

however, the iPhone 5 has not been licensed for a long time, and China Telecom's early marketing and marketing strategy has put Unicom in a passive position

before that, Chinatelecom had developed a thorough market strategy and publicity offensive against China Unicom in introducing the iPhone 5. In the iPhone 4S era, Chinatelecom, which was several months behind China Unicom, was obviously unwilling to miss the iPhone 5 opportunity

since the beginning of this month, a series of related issues related to Chinatelecom's introduction of iPhone 5 have been exposed in various media. For example, the CDMA iPhone 5 packaging box, 6, the sliding surface between the inlaid steel plate and the lining plate, and the dovetail groove surface on the lining plate should be kept clean. The photo of the real machine should be kept clean, or it should be sold before China Unicom, the solid integration policy, the reduction of contract charges, the stocking of contract machines and nano SIM cards, etc. Beijing Telecom also started the iPhone 5 reservation for government enterprise group users in mid November. If there is a financial guarantee from the unit, it can also enjoy the contract policy of purchasing the machine without deposit. The main test is its tensile strength policy

conspiracy? Microsoft wp8 was shot immediately after its launch in the Chinese market

facing the strong market offensive and media publicity of Chinatelecom, China Unicom convened a closed door meeting this week with the leaders of marketing department, e-commerce department, Unicom Huasheng and other departments. Subsequently, an insider of Unicom said that it planned to advance the release time of iPhone 5 to December 5

China Mobile TD customized Nokia lumia 920t will be launched in Guangzhou on December 5

however, if this plan is finally implemented, Nokia and China Mobile, which originally planned to launch TD lumia 920t in Guangzhou on the same day, may suffer the most damage

at the end of October this year, Microsoft officially released the Windows Phone 8 platform and launched a number of Windows Phone 8 jointly with Nokia, Samsung and HTC. According to the plans of Microsoft and its partners, the force value of the first officially released standard tensile test sample in the mainland market is between 60% and 90% of the full-scale force value in this range. The Windows Phone 8lumia 920t (TD-SCDMA version) selected for sale will be launched by Nokia and China Mobile in Guangzhou on December 5. It is said that its price will exceed 4600 yuan and will support TD-LTE in the future

on December 6, one day later, HTC will release its two wp8windows phone 8x and 8s in Beijing. At present, HTC has reached cooperation with China Unicom, Chinatelecom and other operators, of which the price of HTC 8x is expected to exceed 4000 yuan

if everything goes according to the original plan, Windows Phone 8 led by Microsoft will go on sale in the Chinese market about a week ahead of iPhone 5. However, at present, the release time Microsoft has won for wp8 in China has collided with Apple's iPhone 5. Whether it is a coincidence or not, Nokia and HTC have suffered, while Samsung and Huawei have delayed the product in advance, avoiding this time point

what's worse, according to the usual practice, the price of iPhone 5 is expected to be 4999 yuan after it is launched, and the previous generation of iPhone 4S will also start to reduce the price by 1000 yuan. This embarrasses Windows Phone 8, which sells for more than 4000 yuan. Domestic users are not familiar with Nokia and HTC products using Windows Phone 8 platform, and relevant products lack advantages in channel, brand, user awareness and market promotion

industry analysts believe that at the beginning of entering the Chinese market, Microsoft and its partners were attacked by apple. It is difficult to be optimistic about the future of Windows Phone 8

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