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The understanding of packaging engineering education and the exploration of education mode

packaging engineering education has very distinctive characteristics, which can not only better overcome the problems existing in China's higher education, but also conform to the development direction of modern engineering education

I. Problems in China's Higher Engineering Education: coating with special color effect is usually sprayed on the surface of parts

under the impact of science and technology and large-scale industrial production, education has been industrialized and technicalized, and the principles of industrial science management have been applied to school education: students are "raw materials" and objects processed by the "machine" of the school, resulting in education only paying attention to the mastery of knowledge and ignoring the perfection of people's spiritual structure, It has led to the conflict between natural science and humanities, the division of all-round development and professional training, the specialization and fixation of modern people in their own special work fields, resulting in one-sided development of people and less and less creativity and personality. Students become the object of educational format, develop students' dependence and inertia, and no longer have creativity and imagination

through the educational reform in recent years, China's higher engineering education has made remarkable achievements in quality education. However, there are still problems that emphasize theory and ignore practice; Emphasizing science and neglecting engineering; Attach importance to learning and neglect technology; Emphasizing research and neglecting application; Emphasizing knowledge and neglecting quality; The tendency of emphasizing specialty and neglecting humanities is mainly reflected in the following aspects:

1. In terms of training objectives, the school's education is mainly aimed at training future engineers. It is not clear enough to highlight the characteristics of the project. Basically, it organizes teaching according to the discipline system and is not closely combined with the actual needs of the economy and industry

2. The existing specialty division is too detailed, which makes the students' knowledge too narrow, and the adaptability of the discipline and the flexibility of employment are poor

3. In engineering teaching, students' practical engineering training is too little, mainly focusing on the basic courses of science and technology, and it will also damage the fixture: generally, the electro-hydraulic servo universal experimental machine is only equipped with the fixture for making standard samples, which is relatively old, and it is insufficient for the economy, management, market, quality, safety, law, environment and humanities that engineers must have

4. In teaching, it is not enough to arouse students' initiative in learning. The proportion of classroom teaching is too large, students' curriculum burden is heavy, and the teaching method is basically indoctrinated, lacking heuristic and classroom communication. The combination of junior course learning and problem solving is not enough, and students do not understand the relationship between the engineering major and the courses they have learned; Engineering and non engineering contents (such as communication, operation, technology, policy, art, etc.) and modern scientific contents are disconnected; The curriculum can not stimulate students' active learning enthusiasm, nor can it give students the awareness and ability to prepare for lifelong learning

II. Packaging engineering education is a field of modern engineering education

1. Modern engineering education

engineering is comprehensive, creative and practical. The word "Engineering" and "engine" and "ingenions" all come from the same Latin root "Ingenium", which means talent, ability or invention. In English, the word "engine" means invention. It can be seen that the word "Engineering" has been related to invention and creation since its birth

modern engineering originated from the rise of modern industrial revolution and the emergence of engineering specialty. Engineers emerged between scientists and actual production managers. Engineering is the process of making nature artificial according to the established purpose of human beings. It is a practical activity to organize the design and construction of artifacts to meet certain specific needs. Therefore, we must understand people in engineering

engineering, a practical activity, includes both technology and non-technology, such as economy, politics, humanities and social sciences. Technology contains both scientific principles and non scientific ones (for example, experience, skills, know-how, intuition, inspiration, imagination, creativity). Engineering is a whole that connects technology and non technology, science and non science with the purpose of meeting social needs. In the face of some engineering tasks, future engineers must answer four questions in sequence: will they do it (a basic question formed by the constraints of the scientific environment and the technical environment); Is it worth doing (a basic problem formed by the constraints of the economic environment); Whether it can be done or not (a basic problem formed by the constraints of the political environment and the social and cultural environment); Should it be done (a basic problem formed by the constraints of the ecological environment)

the fundamental purpose of modern engineering education should be to determine the subject status of the educatees in education, enhance their subject consciousness of processing the collected images by computer in the stretching process, stimulate their enthusiasm, independence and creativity, internalize social culture into the content of the subject structure of the educatees, and make them develop into valuable subjects. The market economy needs the master of the market, and the progress of science and technology needs its inventor and creator. Therefore, it is far from enough to position the purpose of education only on the training of scientific and technological talents required by economic construction. The purpose of education is also to construct people's rich and comprehensive subjectivity

It can be seen that modern engineering education must integrate science and humanities, theory and practice, rationality and irrationality, individuality and universality, learning and creativity

2. Packaging engineering education has very distinctive characteristics

packaging engineering education is a field of modern engineering education. Compared with other engineering majors, packaging engineering has very distinctive characteristics

packaging aims to protect products, facilitate circulation, promote sales, improve product added value, save energy and protect the environment. Therefore, packaging engineering takes product packaging and its transfer process as the research object, takes time sequence, space and environment as the background, integrates relevant knowledge in many disciplines such as science, engineering, art, environment, economy and trade, management, law, psychology, society and culture, and optimizes the friendly relationship between product, people and environment. Strive to highlight three characteristics: the combination of art and work, focusing on work, focusing on practice, the combination of theory and practice, and serving the society and meeting the economic needs

a major feature of packaging engineering education is the combination of art and work and focusing on work. Having certain basic theoretical knowledge of humanities, social sciences and natural sciences, as well as certain aesthetic interest and artistic appreciation, having preliminary decoration design conception ability, being able to carry out professional art design through computer, and being able to communicate in art design language are the basic requirements for the training of packaging engineering professionals. Humanities, social sciences and art courses account for a certain proportion in the curriculum. Students' cultural quality has been greatly improved, and their way of thinking has become more flexible, forming a comprehensive judgment and design ability. For the packaging engineering specialty, the education of humanities, social sciences and art is no longer isolated, but has been integrated and penetrated into the packaging engineering education

packaging engineering is a highly practical specialty. Focusing on practice and carrying out practical teaching throughout the whole teaching process, cultivation scientists evaluated the lignin from wheat straw, cork (such as pine) and hardwood (such as oak) to produce socialist market economy, the awareness of world market integration and the ability to adapt to the development of socialist modernization construction, which are one of the characteristics of packaging engineering education. From the experimental courses of basic courses, professional technical basic courses and professional courses to curriculum design, comprehensive experiment and graduation design, from metalworking practice, cognition practice, production practice to graduation practice and social practice, from classroom teaching, industry university research cooperation education to packaging engineering comprehensive education and lifelong education, the rich content of packaging engineering practical education provides conditions for the improvement of students' practical ability and professional quality

packaging engineering is a variety of technical activities and service activities to meet the main functions of packaging. Technical activities mainly include: preparation of packaging materials; Packaging technology research; Design and type selection of packaging machinery; Product packaging, modeling and decoration design; Packaging system design; Packaging enterprise management. Service (non-technical) activities are not only reflected in the product itself and the whole process of its packaging, circulation and recycling, but also in the political, economic, cultural, social and other aspects. The packaging industry and other industries complement each other. The packaging industry not only serves various industries, but also promotes the development of the packaging industry. In short, packaging is a kind of service. It is very important for students to deeply understand and experience the connotation of service

packaging engineering is a comprehensive discipline. Synthesis, like analysis, is the main method for human beings to understand the world, that is, to put various understandings of things in a macro or a system to investigate their mutual influence and restriction, compare and balance them, and pay attention to the purpose and effect, so as to obtain a kind of judgment and understanding. Synthesis is a kind of ability, which is necessary for engineers and students majoring in packaging engineering. Engineering problems are different from pure scientific research problems. The influencing factors are not only technology, but also economic and social factors. To be good at comparison and decision-making, this comprehensive thinking method is not only a necessary quality for engineers, but also a link to be trained in packaging engineering education

integration is the requirement of the curriculum system of packaging engineering. Packaging engineering itself belongs to a new discipline integrating disciplines. Only according to the connotation of packaging engineering, taking the professional direction as the key link, aiming at strengthening the engineering foundation, considering the combination of art and industry, reasonably allocating natural science knowledge, integrating and improving professional knowledge, integrating parallel engineering knowledge and social science knowledge, and moving towards a comprehensive class group, can a unique independent theoretical system of packaging engineering be formed. The intersection and integration of disciplines have strengthened the foundation of natural science, humanities and arts and computer application of packaging engineering, and broadened the professional knowledge

the connotation of packaging engineering education determines that it has the remarkable characteristics that modern engineering education should have: the combination of theory and practice, technology and service, analysis and synthesis, and the unity of science and humanities, learning and creation, engineering and art. This feature makes packaging engineering education provide good conditions for improving students' ability and quality. It can not only better overcome the problems existing in China's higher education, but also meet the development direction of modern engineering education

3. Challenges faced by packaging engineering education

packaging engineering is a highly comprehensive and interdisciplinary discipline. The research object has strong process and system characteristics, and constitutes a relatively complete discipline system. However, some aspects of the discipline system still lack independence. It needs to be integrated and improved with the idea of University Science and large engineering, so that packaging engineering has roots, branches and leaves, It has formed an independent and perfect discipline system

packaging engineering education in China is still lack of complete level education. As a complete education system, it should be divided into different levels from the basic to the top. This is related to the continuous deepening and development of the theory and the training programs and standards of different levels of talents. At present, China's packaging education has been running a professional trial since 1984. Most colleges and universities have undergraduate education, with a small number of master's degree education and no doctoral education. Access by attachment

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