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My first underground robot with life detection function has been successfully developed

climbing uphill and downhill, climbing stairs quickly and crossing gullies easily... Under the control of technicians, a robot can sensitively display various movements. This is the first underground detection and rescue robot with life detection function in China, which has been successfully developed by the Automation Research Institute of Shandong Academy of Sciences, Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd. and Shandong Coal Industry Bureau for three years. On November 30, the afternoon of combining production, learning, research and application, this robot passed the expert appraisal and reached the international advanced level as a whole. Its explosion-proof technology of mobile robot is internationally leading. It can also purchase multiple sets of equipment for production at the same time.

this robot combines positive pressure explosion-proof, intrinsic safety explosion-proof and other explosion-proof technologies with robot technology for the first time in China, realizing explosion-proof, earthquake proof and waterproof functions, and can work safely underground. It takes the lead in adopting a personnel life detection method combining audio detection, video observation, infrared thermal imaging and other technical means. It can carry food, water, miner's lamp, first-aid kit and other items to confirm whether there is life at the scene of the accident and carry out search and rescue. The robot can also detect a number of environmental parameters, such as temperature, pressure, mixed gas composition and its concentration. For the first time, the optical fiber communication technology is used to realize long-distance underground communication, and can transmit real-time video images of underground environment

this robot adopts crawler type walking and can move flexibly in harsh environments. The robot is equipped with an optical monitoring device, which can realize all-round safety monitoring and track key targets. In addition, the robot can also replace the rescue workers to enter the accident site within 500m to carry out detection and rescue, and transmit the collected information to the main control center in the form of images, sounds and data, providing important basis and support for the formulation of rescue and relief plans and timely rescue

for accident mines, secondary accidents are very easy to occur due to the complex conditions of underground roadways, poor environment and the accumulation of toxic and harmful gases, resulting in casualties of rescue personnel. If the robot is applied to the rescue, it can help to master the first-hand information and data at the scene of the accident, improve the efficiency of the rescue moving away from the fixed fixture, and minimize casualties and losses

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