The most popular ultra-low density PE market of Ti

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This machine is driven by synchronous electromechanics. The first batch of 58 ton tjvl-1210 supplied by Tianjin Petrochemical Company to Guangdong Dongguan Zhengxin packaging products Co., Ltd. was officially shipped a few days ago. At the same time, the market price of the new ultra-low density polyethylene product tjvl-1210 graphite raw material graphite reached with Sinopec South China branch is about 3000 yuan/ton, and the material purchase agreement is also being fulfilled. Since then, Tianjin Petrochemical Company has become the first enterprise in China to produce polyethylene special materials with a density of less than 0.912kg/cm3, completely breaking the monopoly of imported products in this field in China on May 7

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