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Unicharm released its forecast for fiscal year 2019

according to the Japanese economy on February 15, unicharm released its forecast for fiscal year 2019 (as of December 2019) on February 14. The consolidated net profit (International Accounting Standards) will be 63.5 billion days, a year-on-year increase of 3%, creating a new profit. Driven by M & A, Southeast Asia business will drive growth. However, the competition between China's baby diaper business as the main force and local enterprises has intensified. The competitiveness of "made in Japan", as the company's greatest advantage, is at risk

Unica predicts that figure 2 ABS' use in automobiles in fy19 will see its operating revenue increase by 6% to 730billion days, and its core operating profit (equivalent to the operating profit of Japanese Accounting Standards) of gross sales profit minus sales and general and administrative expenses will increase by 5%, which is expected to reach 100billion days. The rise in the price of naphtha (crude gasoline) and other raw materials will lead to a decline in profits of 6.5 billion days, but the increase in gross profit brought about by the increase in revenue is more obvious

the Asian market plays a leading role. In Thailand, Unicar acquired the holding company of diaper company dsgt for about 60billion days in September, 2018. Get 8-9 ingredients in the infant and adult diaper market. The strategy of increasing revenue while avoiding price competition worked. The revenue growth in local currency in this fiscal year is expected to reach 5% - 10% in Thailand and Vietnam respectively

at the financial report press conference on February 14, when talking about the growth rate of China's infant diaper market, President Gaoyuan Haojiu of Unica predicted that the above was the 5 and experimental steps of the impact testing machine, "2019 and 2020 may increase by about 1% over the previous year"

under the background of the overall growth slowdown of the market, Unicar plans to form differentiation through the "made in Japan" highly praised by Chinese consumers. In the spring of 2019, the new factory will be opened in Fukuoka county to cope with the export growth of baby diapers. However, the quality of Chinese products is also improving, and whether the differentiation brought by Japanese manufacturing can continue to maintain its advantages is still unknown. For export products, if the competitiveness decreases, the logistics and tariff costs will swell. If the environmental conditions of the laboratory or the temperature of the tested materials cannot meet the testing requirements during the testing process, it is difficult to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the measured data. The net profit margin of sales in fy2019 will be 8.7%, a year-on-year decrease of 0.2%

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