The most popular ultra-thin plastic bags in Xining

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The ultra-thin plastic bags in Xining market have once again taken the lead.

since the implementation of the plastic restriction order on June 1, but the utilization prospect is broad, supermarkets, shopping malls and farmers' markets began to provide plastic bags with compensation. When the plastic restriction order was implemented for nearly two months, the regional GDP reached 300billion yuan and 320billion yuan, the interview found that, in addition to supermarkets still insisting on charging, the food market, small cake shops and fast food restaurants began to relax, The ultra-thin plastic bag is exposed again

Mr. Zhu, who lives in Nanchuan West Road, buys steamed bread or noodles at a noodle shop in Limin farmers' market almost every day after work. After the plastic restriction order, the plastic bags in the store were changed to thickened environmental protection plastic bags and provided with compensation. Mr. Zhu began to pay for the medium-sized bags priced at 20 cents every day. Unexpectedly, when he went to buy steamed bread as usual two days ago, the stall owner reminded him: you are my old customer. Today, the noodles you bought totaled 1.5 yuan. I will provide you with free plastic bags. Then he packed Mr. Zhu with the ultra-thin plastic bag used before the plastic restriction. Mr. Zhu said that at that time, a girl next to him bought steamed buns for 20 cents and asked why she was not given a free bag. The stall owner explained that only steamed buns with more than one yuan could be given a free bag. Those with less than one yuan still need to pay for the optimization of plastic materials. On August 9, when I came to the noodle shop mentioned by Mr. Zhu, I saw the stall owner explain to customers from time to time: free bags can only be provided if you buy steamed buns for more than one yuan

later, it was found that ultra-thin plastic bags appeared in many vegetable stalls in Limin farmers' market. A vegetable vendor said that after the plastic restriction order, he still had a lot of bags that had not been thickened, including environmental protection certificates. Now he can take them out for use if he doesn't check them strictly. Moreover, giving customers free bags can also attract customers. Later, I interviewed yuanshuzhuang market and some vegetable stalls, and found that this phenomenon also existed. The plastic restriction order did not restrict the ultra-thin plastic bags in these places

the relevant staff of the Municipal Administration for Industry and commerce were consulted on this matter. The staff said that the farmers' market has always been a difficult point in the implementation of the plastic restriction order, and they will strengthen the inspection and strictly deal with the stores that use ultra-thin plastic bags. (author: zhuxiaowen)

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