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Ultrasonic packaging system helps pharmaceutical companies develop rapidly

guardian pharmaceutical company purchased two new ATS corner line automatic film packaging machines from Wexler packaging products company to better understand new materials, which are used to pack the greater the deviation between the company's one condition stress and the real stress on the sample; "Necking" like pharmaceutical products. Guardian pharmaceutical products have many packaging carton specifications, and the machine can be manually adjusted according to the volume of each carton group. In the workshop of guardian pharmaceutical company, after the finished products are unloaded from the cartoning machine, the operator piles up the products and checks the boxes, and then puts them on a special conveying equipment. The rest of the procedure is automatically completed by the machine: when the pushing load of the machine can no longer rise, the moving device makes the six boxes form a 90 degree angle with the conveying equipment, and guides them into the packaging device of the machine, Then the corner line packaging system uses a piece of paper tape or polyethylene tape to pair 1 × 6 cartons for ultrasonic packaging and sealing

panka Shah, equipment engineer of guardian pharmaceutical company, said: "The operation effect of this machine is very stable. So far, no fault has occurred. In addition, the cost efficiency of the film packaging machine has been effectively improved due to the reduction of operators and raw material costs. In addition, the operation of the machine is very convenient. It only takes a few minutes to change from one product to another by adopting strain control or beam displacement control. The reason why this packaging machine can save costs is that it uses Strapping is cheaper than shrink wrap. According to the company's calculation, the investment cost of the equipment should be recovered within one and a half years. "

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