It is said that the sliding door wardrobe ranks fi

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It is said that when 90% of people choose furniture, it ranks first in the list


who doesn't have a wardrobe


do you have a wardrobe with convenient use, stable structure, high space utilization and high cost performance

yes, such a nice and popular wardrobe is the

sliding door wardrobe

it is said that when 90% of people choose furniture,

it ranks first in the list

why? All for the following reasons:

1. Convenient installation

just reserve the sliding rail space when making the wardrobe, and then install the sliding door, which is convenient and time-saving

2. Humanized design, strong practicality

its appearance style is unrestricted, and it does not need to change its trend according to some pattern arrangements inside the wardrobe. It can be matched with a variety of materials and processes, and can make rational use of space without hindering the bedside table, bed and other bedroom furniture, which is highly practical; Whether the sliding door wardrobe is designed against the wall or embedded, it saves space and is easy to operate. For lazy cancer stars, it is too humanized and considerate

in addition, the sliding door is also excellent for the elderly and children. It can be opened and closed with one finger. For example, the sliding door of Stanley household wardrobe in the United States has anti-collision strip design, which can prevent getting caught when opening and closing the door in addition to mute

3. Stable performance and long service life

sliding door wardrobe is composed of sliding door, guide rail and pulley. Stanley American Stanley home fashion sliding door series, with optional titanium magnesium aluminum alloy frame, has stable performance, and the pulley is guaranteed for life, which is very durable

4. Save space and improve the utilization rate of space

generally, the wardrobe is placed in the bedroom, and there are other furniture in the bedroom. Even if the sliding door wardrobe is placed next to the bedside cabinet, it will not affect the use of the wardrobe, so the space utilization rate of the sliding door wardrobe is higher and more fashionable

in the room with relatively small space, the sliding door can save space to the greatest extent, and the customized wardrobe can also be designed to the top, perfectly connect with the roof, and make full use of every inch of space

5. Exquisite shape and versatile style

as a popular wardrobe at present, the style of sliding door wardrobe is fashionable and versatile. It can be matched with exquisite waist line, arc cabinet, top cabinet, etc. whether it is modern and simple, European style, American style or new Chinese style, it can be perfectly controlled, showing a different style

6. Economical

compared with the swing door, the sliding door wardrobe has a larger capacity and is more economical. What's more, for a 174 year old brand like Stanley home in the United States, the quality of wardrobe materials will be strictly controlled, which is not only environmentally friendly and practical, but also trustworthy





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