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As a doctor, the owner of the house is working hard and expects to release the pressure of the whole day as if he were on vacation in a hotel. This 75 flat low luxury hotel style residence has spacious space, bright lighting, elegant and relaxing layout. Because the owner himself is also quite involved in art, how to integrate art into home design makes people seem to be browsing art galleries, but less serious and distance, which is also a major topic. With a simple, low-key and luxurious approach, the designer transformed the luxury hotel style expected by the owner into a fashion code combined with deep cultural implication, which is a perfect embodiment. This residence is like a classic movie. It is not boring to see in all spaces and details, and it is worth tasting carefully

house condition

design style: luxury style

number of space floors: 75 floors

space pattern: 2 rooms, 2 halls, 2 bathrooms

main building materials: marble, baking varnish, iron parts, tea glass, titanium, wood flooring, organ curtain

owner's needs

1 Young homeowners have no concept of decoration style, but they are diligent in finding photos of their dream home, are willing to communicate with designers, and expect designers to help present the ideal style

2. In addition to interior decoration design, there is no concept of furniture configuration and boutique layout, and furniture suggestions must also be provided

3. I love art paintings and look forward to combining with home

1. The perfect integration of classical and modern creative TV wall

because the owner loves paintings with rich artistic conception, the designer specially made a distinctive creative design for the TV wall. In addition to the splash ink landscape marble wall on the whole, which contrasts the dense fog and hazy feeling of nature, the sliding door in front of the TV is also presented with the image of famous paintings, which are especially inlaid with gold and silver foil, Present the visual sense of the bright scene of thousands of lights

this painting is seamlessly integrated with the marble wall behind, as if it were a natural magnificent scenery, which makes people calm and release pressure. When you want to watch TV, you can open the sliding door, which is both artistic and practical, adding a bit of artistic sense to this modern space

2. Smart matching of materials to create a new luxury style

jump out of the ordinary people's impression of shiny and exaggerated luxury style. The designer specially uses iron parts, tea glass, titanium and other building materials to create a calm and beautiful hotel luxury style. The curved sofa brings a strong leisure style and comfortable atmosphere, making people feel like they are in a hotel when they go home. The storage cabinet extending from the back of the sofa to the gate, with wood and glass combined with light, not only provides sufficient storage and space amplification, but also looks like a beautiful display cabinet displayed in the hotel. The decoration on the tea table is also unique. In addition to its beautiful appearance, it also has multiple functions such as wireless speakers and night lights. Technology makes life more comfortable

3. Enrich the visual level, and the sky light and cloud shadow linger together.

the gorgeous classical door arch passing through the living room and restaurant has a sense of crossing time and space, leading people into the beautiful restaurant. The detailed line boards and grey mirrors scattered vertically and horizontally on the ceiling, together with the dim yellow candlelight chandeliers, are a highlight of the restaurant design. The reflection of the ceiling echoes with the mirror on one side of the wall. The exquisite working method of overlapping layers makes people intoxicated by the illusion of lights and the gorgeous style of the European medieval century

at the entrance to the kitchen and study, the hollowed out titanium automatic door made of tea glass and thunder carving is visually penetrating and fashionable, making the sense of luxury in the overall space of the restaurant more consistent

4. Warm and good bedroom, relaxed and comfortable private area

the bedroom uses a large number of wood materials to create an atmosphere of relaxing and sleeping. The private area space is paved with herringbone parquet floors, and the back wall of the head of the bed is made of more stable wood, surrounded by titanium frames to make the finishing point. The window frame also ingeniously guides the decorative plate at an oblique angle to create a three-dimensional feeling, and then matches it with an organ curtain that is 100% shading and can be adjusted at will. The overall design allows the owner to get enough rest and relaxation

5 simple study gives people a refreshing feeling

the design of the study is based on simplicity. The display cabinet in the rear is an excellent stage for the owner to display collections and books. The pure white and simple lines cover the ceiling, presenting a neat and simple aesthetic feeling. Then, the 2017 representative color, grass and trees, green and slightly jumping color, matches with a bright and lively effect, gives people a refreshing feeling, the space appears more hierarchical, and injects a humanistic temperament into life

the porch constructed by the cave stone has the style of the hotel reception hall, and can also meet the Feng Shui considerations. It can hide the wind and absorb the gas without hindering the light penetration, and cleverly define the space field. The wall decoration like a rose shows the owner's good taste. The two shell decorations can also provide the function of storing and releasing keys, which is all inclusive





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