Where can I save money for home decoration

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1、 Household appliances and furniture 1. Household appliances (except kitchen appliances): this one is prone to 45000, 78000, saving 10% is a lot of money, and the homogenization of the household appliance industry is very serious. If there is any big difference, it really doesn't. like air conditioning, I have used Haier, Gree, Zhigao, aux, Kelon, alas, I really don't feel much. Do those color TVs have to be imported? I can't see it with the naked eye. I installed a house 6000 years ago and bought a 42 inch Hisense plasma +32 inch Hisense LCD. I also look very good. Does the refrigerator have to buy those messy functions that can't be used for a year or two? The upgrading of household appliances is very fast. This year is the new model, and next year is the old model. Of course, kitchen appliances are used every day, so don't save. 2. Furniture: because of the large amount of money, saving 10% will save a lot, and the furniture can be changed at any time. Some furniture have the same style if you don't look closely. And the price gap between the most high-end brand and the general brand is very large. The quality is better, but not so much. www.jiazhuang6. COM, the most professional home furnishing portal website II. Style category 1. Designer's design fee: I have always been in favor of a good designer who charges, but if the budget is insufficient, I think this can be saved, and I have to spend more

2. Wallpaper: the budget is insufficient. Why do you need wallpaper? Just color the wall paint. No matter how good the wallpaper is, it is not as environmentally friendly as mid-range paint in the long run

3. Curtains and late soft decoration: these can be done slowly

4. Home modeling: modeling is very, very expensive. Change more and make more points, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands. You say that the house is large, and the villa and the duplex are not modeled at all. The modeling is too monotonous, while the house is relatively small, and the original sense of space is insufficient. From this point of modeling to that point, the overall effect is not necessarily good. In addition to the insufficient budget, it is better to think more about color matching and decorations. 3、 High end brands of main materials and some high-priced materials, such as solid wood floors, solid wood doors, solid wood cabinets, or some high-end brand bricks, massage bathtubs, can be saved when the budget is insufficient. 4、 Don't look for a decoration company or a decoration team. I'm tired. I'll advise you to be more careful when I'm left here. In addition, it is also a major item to save money to minimize the wood making at home. 5、 In fact, this kind of basic main materials can't really save much. A project can only save hundreds of thousands of yuan. For example, if you want 6 doors, you can save 600 yuan by buying 600 and 500, but the quality is much worse. Therefore, in this link, I don't recommend saving money very much. If you save 5000, the grade will drop a lot, while saving 5000 for household appliances doesn't feel at all. In this link, I suggest learning more knowledge and optimizing the product portfolio. 6、 I am very opposed to saving money for basic dressings. Originally, most of them are concealed works, such as water and electricity, waterproof, and the total price is very low. If you save twoorthree yuan on this, it's just to change the color of the curtain. But if you save twoorthree yuan, it's enough to turn your concealed materials into garbage. You can knock it in the future. 7、 To be honest, if you want to save even this, I suggest you don't install it unless you rent a house. Wait until you save money for 2 years, because it's already garbage in garbage at this point, and you still need to reinstall it after 2 years. In addition, there is another thing to save money. When decorating, many people like to do scientific research. They like to do some new processes and materials. I don't recommend using new materials with a sufficient budget. We can't let our home become an experimental field, such as what kind of cloth for cupboard and bathroom, paint, it's very troublesome, what kind of floor heating, circulating water, are all enjoyable things, and we can't consider them until the budget is sufficient





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