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As a layman, how can consumers buy truly environmentally friendly and low-carbon integrated cabinets? Let's teach you four small details from Rongshida cabinet

green and environmental protection is the eternal theme. No matter what aspects of life we pursue, we pursue an environmentally friendly life, which can not only reflect the pursuit of life, but also the requirements for physical health. With the development of the cabinet industry, green environmental protection has also become a major element of competition in the industry. As a layman, how can consumers buy truly environmentally friendly and low-carbon overall cabinets? Let's teach you four small details from Rongshida cabinet

first, look at the appearance: don't miss the details of the corners

when shopping for cabinets, you should not only pay attention to whether the appearance of the cabinets is beautiful and whether it matches with the home, but also pay attention to the production process of the cabinets themselves. The production process of the cabinets and the details of the corners can reflect the quality of the cabinets themselves or whether they are environmentally friendly

second, look at the board: whether it is environmentally friendly should be recognized

if you use the board with poor quality, the cabinet is likely to break down soon after use. Some high-end imported cabinet brands use environmental protection plates of European E0 standard, and most domestic medium and high-end integral cabinets also use plates of at least E1 standard, so consumers can rest assured. So when choosing, we should pay attention to the introduction of the board of the cabinet, and whether it meets the standard

third, look at the merchants: service improvement is very important

relatively speaking, the overall cabinet brand with high popularity is more trustworthy, and we should choose large manufacturers with perfect service specifications, so that we can get better after-sales service guarantee in case of quality problems in the future

IV. look at the certification: "ten ring certification" is to ensure that the environmental protection index of the overall cabinet is related to the quality, design level, processing and production technology and even hardware accessories of the plates used. 100% environmental protection is difficult to achieve. In order to reduce production costs, some small and medium-sized cabinet brands are used to processing with ordinary plates, and their products are not environmentally friendly at all. At present, among all the environmental protection certifications on the overall cabinet products in the market, only the "China environmental label product certification" issued by the State Environmental Protection Administration, which is often referred to as the "ten ring certification", is the most reliable environmental protection certification mark

the brand history of Rongshida cabinet for more than 20 years is the guarantee of its brand reputation, and Rongshida also has strong technical support to ensure the production quality of cabinets. For the green environmental protection that consumers are very concerned about, we also do active research and development design, which is a great choice to buy cabinets




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