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Four color rendering table matching method

what value is used to get the closest effect? There are two methods: (1) find the closest color block in the four-color rendering table with the color ticket of the selected color, write down the value and apply it in the software. (2) Use some color management software, type in the spot color number or read the color data with the instrument, and find the closest color combination through the four-color ICC profile

four color table matching method

four color chart published in different places

match the spot color office with the four-color color rendering table. The manufacturing technology of this lithium battery material is at the leading level in China to find the closest four-color point value

x-rite's colorshop color management software

(1) use a spectrophotometer to measure spot color samples or color office

(2) the spectrophotometer can read the spectral value of the spot color

(3) different readings are calculated by software

(4) the software finds the closest spot color number in the spot color database

(5) in the color gamut diagram of C I e x, y, it indicates that this color leaves the color gamut range of four-color printing

(6) find the closest CMYK point combination through the four-color ICC profile. However, since this spot color is outside the four-color gamut, a warning signal △ appears and displays color difference. However, in recent years, the state has vigorously urged the development of the plastic recycling granulator industry and the conversion value △ e (delta E)

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statement: the first phase will be completed with an annual output of 18000 tons

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