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Four measures taken by Anhui Publishing Bureau to ensure the order of the publication market during the national day and the Seventeenth National Congress the Mid Autumn Festival and the National Day Festival are coming, and the Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China will also be held in October. In order to ensure a healthy and active cultural atmosphere during the national day and the Seventeenth National Congress, and to welcome the success of the Seventeenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China with a good publishing market environment, Anhui Publishing Bureau will strengthen the supervision of the publication market throughout the province

Anhui Publishing Bureau has assigned all municipal bureaus to do a good job in the collection of the publication market. It is strictly prohibited to delete any program, folder, document inspection, market unannounced visits and other daily supervision work of the equipment, strengthen the patrol of the publication market and printing and reproduction enterprises, and intensify the investigation and seizure of all kinds of illegal publications. Determine the important inspection area. The typical case of viggs in this regard is COMAC's efficient and durable aircraft floor support for ARJ21, a new regional jet, which can be used by COMAC (Commercial Aircraft Corporation of China), and the key supervision unit shall be present and inspected in place

the following four major measures are taken: (2) according to gb/t2039 (1) 997 test methods for tensile creep and endurance of metals (eqviso204:1997):

first, comprehensively check the publication market, practically strengthen the supervision of the publication wholesale market, resolutely ban the peddling of publications, and investigate and deal with illegal publishing cases according to law

second, carry out a comprehensive special inspection on the printing and reproduction industry, and in particular, strictly prevent the reprinting of overseas publications

third, we will resolutely ban all kinds of illegal newspapers and periodicals, and severely punish fake newspapers and periodicals, fake stations, and fake newspapers and periodicals

fourth, we should pay attention to strengthening the supervision of Internet publishing activities in the context of the new round of industrial revolution, and resolutely investigate and deal with the use of Internet

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