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Four factors determine the success or failure of supply chain management

as a transportation and even screw less logistics enterprise, we are part of the supply chain of various enterprises. We help thousands of customers to ship their products to all parts of the world. At the same time, we also ship raw materials to them so that they can continue to produce. Because of this, we have witnessed the changes in the logistics industry and supply chain management over the years, and we have a deep understanding of some customers' experience and lessons in supply chain management, including Chinese enterprises

China is a very important market. Many multinational companies purchase in China. At the same time, China also transports its products to all parts of the world. China is beginning to realize the importance of this. To this end, vigorously build logistics infrastructure. Therefore, the development of ports, highways and high-speed railways is very fast. Five years ago, China began to make great efforts to build ports, especially container ports, because China has long realized that it will usher in the spring of the logistics industry. Comparing the ports of China with those of other developing countries, you will find that the modernization and specialization of Chinese ports are quite high. Not only ports, but also roads. China is also developing very fast. Most large and medium-sized cities are connected by railways and expressways

in China, I think there are usually three modes in logistics. The first is the retail driven model, that is, retailers and buyers drive the development of the whole supply chain, which lists the new material industry as one of the seven major emerging industries in Nanjing. These retailers push the transportation and logistics to the suppliers, so the suppliers almost do everything in this regard. They should not only design and produce corresponding products, but also contract all transportation. We can see that more and more companies have stepped out of this bondage. They have begun to use the so-called third-party independent carriers, that is, whether the buyer or the seller, they are more and more reluctant to do the details of transportation logistics in person. Therefore, they will hire the third-party logistics providers to help them

the efficiency of logistics is very important. Many customers, including those of US President shipping company, have mentioned that there are four key factors in supply chain management

the first is information flow. Information flow is very important. The above is what the technicians of our company share with you about the components of the fatigue testing machine that need maintenance and the characteristics of the equipment. For example, our customers need to tell us all the information about the products, and we will also provide them with a lot of information, because only in this way can we know how many containers are needed to transport the goods to the destination. In addition, we need to know its specifications and standards so as to avoid losses during transportation. After the general cargo is loaded on the ship, we will also timely tell our customers all the information about the ship, including the ship's information specification number, arrival time and any change in itinerary

the US President shipping company regards itself as a part of the supply chain, so we should not only provide some basic information because they can batch prepare and test different materials on one substrate, but also provide a lot of strategic information to help our customers make strategic choices, such as when and what route is the best. We will also provide customers with some information about our transportation during this period of time to let them know which goods are most frequently transported. Telling customers a lot of strategic information will help them make the right choice

the second is speed. There is no doubt about the importance of speed. Without a certain speed, many chances of getting it will be lost

the third is persistence. In fact, it is a kind of reliability. How reliable is the supply chain? If the customer knows with confidence that the product can be transported to another place after 10 days or 5 hours, it can bring great certainty and predictability to the customer's plan. For logistics companies, reliability is very important. If the commitment is 10 days, it will not be more than 10 days

the fourth is technology. For supply chain management, it is not just a truck or warehouse. For third-party logistics enterprises, the goal is to reduce the inventory in the warehouse. Even without a warehouse is the best, because without a warehouse means that we can avoid the central gathering place, which depends on technology. We transport not only goods, but also capital and technology. (end)

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