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According to the spirit of the instructions of the leaders of the State Council to "promote conservation, attach importance to environmental protection and oppose excessive packaging of commodities", the impact resistance test of Jilin provincial workers on explosion-proof equipment is one of the main type tests specified in GB 3836.1 (2) 010. In the special regulation of the festival food market, the Commerce Bureau has carried out four work to warm up the international market, We will severely crack down on acts such as excessive packaging of goods that harm the legitimate rights and interests of consumers

one is to publicize the harmfulness of excessive packaging. The industrial and commercial departments at all levels in the province attach great importance to it, and fully understand the serious consequences of excessive packaging of commodities, such as wasting resources, polluting the environment, damaging the interests of consumers, encouraging extravagance and waste, and abnormal consumption. At the same time, bureaus at all levels organize and carry out publicity activities against excessive packaging of commodities, actively publicize the basic national policies of saving resources and protecting the environment, and strive to create a social atmosphere conducive to resource conservation and environmental protection

second, guide consumers to establish a correct consumption view. Xi'an customers recognize Jinan Shijin to organize education and guidance, enhance consumers' rational consumption awareness, guide and encourage consumers to use resource-saving and environment-friendly products, consciously resist excessive packaging and other waste of resources, and form a healthy, civilized and resource-saving consumption mode

third, actively play the role of consumer associations at all levels. Consumer associations at all levels provide consumer information and advisory services to consumers, support victims to file lawsuits, and expose and criticize them through the mass media. When the new materials of tongevonik eliminate this worry, strengthening the industry self-discipline plays a positive role in controlling the excessive packaging of goods. Through industry associations, the proportion of commodity packaging in the volume of the whole commodity, the number of layers and the cost of commodity packaging in the whole commodity are standardized, and green packaging is vigorously advocated

fourth, strengthen law enforcement and inspection, and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Focus on the mixed packaging and sales of the distributed commodities and other commodities; Tying goods in different forms; Making misleading false representations about the commodities under operation or on the packaging of commodities; Take advantage of excessive packaging to sell inferior goods

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