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With the continuous improvement of the socialist market economic system, product quality competition has become the most important factor in market competition, and enterprises are deeply aware that quality has become the fundamental factor affecting the survival of enterprises. In order to improve the quality management level, at present, carton manufacturing enterprises have established quality management systems according to ISO9000 standards, promoting the standardization, documentation and institutionalization of enterprise quality management, but there are also some blind spots. The author discusses the focus of enterprise quality management system

normal> firstly, it is the basis for establishing the quality management system. The original 94 battery technology version of the IS09000 standard, which can improve the endurance mileage and enhance the safety, has three certification standards, ISO9002, ISO9001 and 2000 quality management systems. The vast majority of carton manufacturers choose ISO9002, which is not involved in design and development

normal> although the production of carton products is relatively simple and there is no complex design, in order to better meet new customers, new varieties and new materials, it is recommended that most enterprises should not arbitrarily delete 7.3 design and development terms when choosing ISO9001 standard. At the same time, the establishment of a quality management system must not ignore the requirements of customers, the expectations of managers and relevant national laws and regulations. At present, most carton enterprises with large scale and good reputation undertake the task of producing more export cartons. Therefore, they must also comply with the inspection standards agreed in the foreign trade, insurance and transportation contracts or the "export commodity transportation packaging such as σ 0.001、 σ 0.01、 σ 0.1 and σ 0.3 corrugated box inspection procedures

normal> the second is the paper for carton. This sensitive issue directly affects the cost. At present, each manufacturer has its own tricks for using paper, because most customers don't know much about cartons, only care about specifications, Watts and shipping marks, and are not good at the mystery of using paper. The production enterprises also take advantage of this to skillfully reduce the grams or grades of paper without obviously violating the requirements of customers, so as to reduce costs and increase market competitiveness. The author believes that as long as the quality index of the carton can meet the specified requirements, it may not be undesirable. But it also reminds those enterprises that although this practice will bring market and profits to enterprises for a while, it will not last long

The third is the control of the production process. We all believe that the adhesives used in production are very important, and enterprises generally make clear provisions in writing. For the sake of confidentiality, some enterprises adopt code names, and some enterprises adopt oral regulations on may9,2019. Although it is allowed in ISO9001 standard. However, it is found through on-site audit that the adhesive formula of enterprises that have not made written provisions is very random, and the operators, technicians and relevant persons do not have the same formula, which often leads to errors

normal> the viscosity of the adhesive varies with the formulation. Don't be credulous about the feel. You can use the coating - 4 cup method to test. The viscosity of the adhesive in some enterprises is only 10 seconds, and that in some enterprises is as high as 100

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