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In the process of decoration, the owner is always fighting with the decoration company. But no matter how smart people are, they will inevitably be cheated by some unscrupulous decoration companies when they first decorate. In fact, as long as the decoration budget table is formulated before the decoration starts, and then strictly implemented according to this table, you can avoid damaging your own interests to the greatest extent. Here is how to understand the decoration budget

1. Check whether the drawings are accurate

how to objectively review the decoration budget? Before reviewing the budget, you should review the drawings first. A complete, detailed and accurate set of drawings is the basis of the budget quotation, because the quotation is based on the specific area, length, size, materials and processes in the drawings. The drawings are inaccurate, and the budget is certainly inaccurate

2. Whether the engineering projects are complete

it is necessary to check whether all the engineering projects in the budget are complete, whether the things to be done are listed in the budget table, and whether there are phenomena such as underreporting a door or missing kitchen wall tiling and bedroom baseboard. When these missed projects arrive at the site for construction, they must still be done, so it is inevitable to go through the formalities of adding decoration projects and increase another unexpected expenditure

3. UOM will affect the budget result.

pay attention to the UOM in the budget book. In terms of furniture production, there are great differences among decoration companies. For example, when making large wardrobes or bookcases, some companies use extended meters, and some use square meters. At this time, we should pay attention, because furniture calculated by square meters, no matter how high or wide, is calculated by multiplying the number of square meters by the unit price, and furniture calculated by extended meters has height restrictions

4. The drawing should be consistent with the budget size

the specific quantity of each project in the budget can be checked with reference to the drawing. For example, if the floor tile area calculated by the size on the drawing is 60m2, the budget book should be about 60m2, and the data calculation should be quite rigorous and accurate. If the area calculated by the drawing is 60m2, and the budget book is 65m2, this is an obvious error. For some decoration projects with high unit price, there is often a difference of thousands of yuan

5. The description of materials and processes should be specific

the decoration company should tell the decoration family what materials and processes the quoted price is composed of. If you see such a quotation: 38 yuan/m2 of a certain coating is used for the wall, it is obviously not specific enough. A certain coating is a brand of wall coating, including many products, including interior wall paint, exterior wall paint, etc. interior wall paint is divided into several categories. Each paint has many colors. From the perspective of construction technology, there are great differences in materials and labor in different practices: generally, when painting, it is usually to add 20% - 30% water to dilute it and then paint it twice. For walls with moisture-proof requirements, it is also necessary to add a primer before painting; For the treatment of the wall base course, it is generally necessary to brush one coat of alkyd varnish to seal the bottom, then scrape putty for leveling for 2-3 times, and paint emulsion paint after it is completely dry

6. Special circumstances special budget

in the construction process of home decoration, it is inevitable that some special construction situations will occur, or the decoration family will put forward some special decoration requirements. At this time, the cost of decoration cannot be calculated according to the normal quotation

generally speaking, the budget price of a decoration company is composed of three parts: material cost, labor cost and management cost. Among them, there are many management fees, including various management fees, rent amortization, taxes and reasonable profits. Generally, the preferential interest given by the decoration company is carried out within the allowable range. If the range of bargaining exceeds this range, and the decoration company hopes to get the project, then it is inevitable to cut corners in the future construction. After all, no one will do a loss business




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