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Choosing a shoe cabinet is like choosing shoes. Only those that are suitable for your size and style are the best, most practical and best able to show your taste and personality


choosing a shoe cabinet is like choosing shoes. Only those that suit your size and style are the best, most practical and best able to show your taste and personality

― practical ―

wall type shoe cabinet, with a side hung door on the left to store clothes and other sundries, and four drawers on the right to place bags or potted plants; The drawer can accommodate magazines, newspapers, keys, power banks and other items, which are very convenient; The middle backplane is designed with a clothes pass and compartment, which can put storage boxes and hang clothes. The bottom drawer is overhead, and it is extremely convenient to wear/take off shoes. It is a very practical design

the design of the top shoe cabinet solves the problem of too much storage at home. The top door covering cabinet can store infrequent items at home; The embedded dressing mirror is beautiful and tidy, and will not damage the overall structure of the shoe cabinet. A clothes hook is set beside it to facilitate the hanging and taking of clothes; The door covering cabinet under the mirror can also be used as a shoe changing stool. It is also a very practical shoe cabinet

the upper and lower cabinets are combined, the middle part is left blank, and the shoe changing stool and hanging cabinet compartment design are made next to it. Such a shoe cabinet can easily put bags, mobile phones and other items on the cabinet at the moment of going home, and then sit down to change shoes and put shoes. The whole use process is simple and fast

― personalized style ―

it is also overhead at the bottom, which is convenient to enter and exit the door and change shoes. The design of wine rack and different compartment layout may highlight the personality. The householder can place items according to his own preferences, which plays a good role in display and decoration, and meets the householder's personalized needs

-- temperament style --

mix and match, high cost performance, function first, environmental protection and practicality. Simple and beautiful style design, two-color collision more elegant temperament; Multiple splicing cabinets are combined, and the door cabinet at the entrance can easily store shoes and sundries. The wall hook and corner splicing cabinet, the reasonable setting of laminate and drawer, and shoe changing stool allow you to comfortably change shoes, easily hang clothes, and place items in and out

as soon as I enter the door, I see that the living room doesn't feel good. A small partition is made at the corner of the shoe cabinet. The shutter covers the door. The cabinet is practical and has a hierarchical aesthetic feeling. A little arc design on the top, combined with the flexibility of the shutter, makes the monotonous straight line and flat plate more dynamic and fashionable

― versatile ―

warm white walnut color is simple and natural, and the overall design is fashionable and versatile. The inverted T-shaped open design on the side entering the door forms a regional division of different colors with the swing door storage cabinet. At the same time, it also serves as the shoe cabinet and display function, which is a good design scheme

the upper and lower layers of the shoe cabinet are separated, and black and white are mixed with classic colors to create a strong visual effect; It is fashionable and practical to put something in the center space; It is inconvenient for old people and children to change shoes. The low cabinet on the right can be used as a shoe changing stool, which can be used for multiple purposes






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